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You will experience the wonders of the natural environment just sitting at the front of your cottage.

The birds, their colors, their flight patterns and  their song and chatter will enchant you. Some of the more classic birds are the African Hornbill, the Kingfisher, the huge white collared crow, Egrets, Hawks and many more for whom we have no names. The butterflies are many and quite varied. Monkeys and antelope used to shout their voices in the hills but over they years they are being hunted to extinction. 



On a clear night experience the natural planetarium - the sky above! Learn the constellations and  create your own stories about the beings up above and their activities. See if you can pick out the constellations which make up the horoscope!



Take a nature walk from our site to the village of Akwamufie where you can continue hiking toward Kwame Nkrumah's hideaway home or you can set out on a canoe ride on the  river. This walk, though along the road, is an opportunity to delight in the multitude of colors the wildflowers produce. It is also a great way to interact with the neighbors.






Leave early in the morning to venture up into the Hohoe disrict to visit the Tafi Atome monkey sanctuary, Afadjato, the highest mountain in Ghana, and enjoy some of Ghana's many water falls (not as exciting during Harmattan which is between December and February) and trails to hike.










We have a few options when it comes to boat rides. Our favorite is via canoe because it is quiet so we experience the peace that is the river. It also gives us an opportunity to explore rock formations along the shore or wildflowers growing in otherwise inaccessible places. A ride from Akwamufie to the dam can take up to two hours. If that is too slow for you, enjoy one of the speed boats that travel the river.

 For a more social, broader view of the river try the Dodi Princess on a Saturday or Sunday. They travel from the north side of the Akosombo dam to Dodi Island, a journey of about 6 hours round trip. They have a live band on board and sell food and drink. Make friends, eat and dance while enjoying the sights and environs. This trip is extremely popular so it is advisable to reach the port early. CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

If you're traveling on, the yam boat leaves every Monday (you must have a reservation) going North to Kete-Krachi. This takes approximately 48hours.




If you are interested in shopping, the Akosombo market (mondays and thursdays) and the Agormenya market (wednesdays and saturdays) await you. Markets are extremely colorful and are also the social event of the week. This is where women (and men) come to find out how people are getting on, who did what, when, and  any other bits of news that may be of interest to the community. A good ol' gossip to be sure.

African printed cloth and tie-dyed cloth are available at both, and both have a good selection of local fruits and vegetables. The Agormenya market is a bit larger then the Akosombo market  and has a wonderful selection of cedi beads at reasonable prices. On the way to the market you can stop off at the Cedi Bead Factory and observe the process used to make these wonderful, colorful beads.

A smaller market is the Juapong market (wednesdays and saturdays) which is on the road going toward Ho and/or Hohoe. This market is known for its trade in livestock and many of the Hausa cowmen will be around during that time.



Tour the Akosombo Textile Factory. Fabrics are not for sale but you can observe how these gorgeous prints are created.

Ewe kente cloth has less popularity then Ashanti kente but can be more beautiful and less expensive. The Ewe kente village is Tafi Atuife, north of Hohoe.

The Cedi Bead Factory offers demonstrations and hands on experience. It's lots of fun. Located in Odumase on the way to Agormenya or Somanya.

Kpando has a ceramic village where you can see demonstrations and buy local pottery. 



Tired of all that activity?

Relax at Black Star Lions' cafe and enjoy delicious drinks, snacks and meals.

Sit in the reading room and browse the many available titles .

Do some martial arts, do some yoga. Classes also available.

Sit on the hillside and enjoy the view.

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