March 2nd, 2016: Much to our dismay, renovations did not start as we assumed and we are just now in the midst of it. We hope to be back in business for the cool rainy season of June. We will keep you posted.

We are going to be able to offer you even more services, including: camping areas - for those with tents or those who wish to rent from us,

the cottages, double occupancy and communal,

and our new three bedroom guest house equipped with in house kitchen and sitting room. All options are great for rest and relaxation.

We are still looking forward to the opening of the canopy walk and hiking up on the mountain behind our site.



6TH November 2015: We are offering Wu Shu (Kung Fu) classes to the youth on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons starting at 3pm. Up to age 14 is free. Anyone older will have to pay the regular fee (10ghc) for a class. These classes are happening at the business site. For locals and visitors alike. Come and enjoy.

10th June 2015: Black Star Lions is taking advantage of the Adomi bridge being closed to do some much needed renovations. We will also be closed until further notice but hope to reopen again soon (estimated timing November 2015) with even better services. We will keep everyone posted. Peace


19th June 2010: We have been informed that an animal reserve will be created on the hillside above our site. This  land covers the area from the Adomi bridge for several miles north following the river and will be converted into a park where trails will be abundant. We are not sure of all the details yet but we will keep you informed. One thing for certain, the view will be stunning!

29th January 2011: The fifth cottage is up to lintel level, soon to be plastered, then roofed. We will be adding some new photos soon.

18th June 2011: Its been a long time since last writing an update! On the 11th of March - the same day as the infamous Japanese tsunami - we had an enormous storm that took down 1/3 of the fifth cottage. Kwaku was devastated seeing all of his hard work on the ground. It took almost one year to get it rebuilt, roofed and plastered and now we're preparing to build the patio and do the floors. We often wonder if it will ever be done.

22nd November 2012: All the cottages are built, although the fifth cottage still needs a floor and finishing. The rest are painted and beautiful. Kwaku is now working on landscaping and path building. Adwoa is still putting in trees, flowers and weeding whenever she can. The rains have been abundant this year which means a healthier harmattan season for all living things.

9th February 2015: Black Star Lions has a new look. The cottages are changing from white to green. It's quite refreshing.


 The top cottage is fully painted. The second one is/was still in the process.


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